Mini 13A 3P Cable End Female With STOOW 16# Cable

代碼 GT272224-2403B-XX

Current Rating: 13A
Contact Number:3 PIN
Contact Type: Female
Voltage: 600V AC/DC
AWG Gauge:16 AWG
Temperature Range: -40° / +105°
IP Rating: IP 68

Cable End Housing PVC
Cable End Screw Nut Zinc Alloy With Ni Plated
Cable End Gasket Silicone
Cable End Inner Mold PVC
Cable End Over Mold PVC
Technical Data
Insulation Resistance DC1000V±10%‚ test for 1 minute and the insulation resistance should be more than 100MΩ
Contact Resistance 50mΩ Max.
Thermal Shock 5 cycles at -40° / +105°‚after the test‚ the function and appearance can't be impacted.
Waterproof Test Submersion in water 1M for 24 hours.