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GT Contact Co., Ltd. (GTC)

GT Contact is a waterproof connector supplier of waterproof RJ connectors, waterproof USB connector and cables. More RJ45 plug and jack with waterproof IP67 rated are available. GTC offers water-resistant connection, announces the availability of its full line of miniaturized, robust and cost-effective solution. Meeting the stringent standards of TUV, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, GTC offers a variety of waterproof connectors for the industrial market including IP67, IP68, magnetic, Ethernet RJ-45, USB, D-Sub, M12/M8.

The GTC family of waterproof connectors is available from 2 to 26 contacts. To assure a secure and reliable connection, both screw-type and bayonet style mating is available. Time and cost during on-site installation and repair can be minimized by use of GTC's field-installable waterproof USB connectors and waterproof RJ connectors. Rugged DC-plug types provide compact portable devices a solution to meet IP67 specifications, and they are also an industry-first innovation.

To allow for design flexibility, panel mount styles are available in solder, PCB DIP, and pigtail styles. All waterproof connectors from GTC are manufactured with an epoxy potting which provides water-resistant capabilities even when the mating connection is unattached or the protective cap is missing. To round out GTC's complete line of industrial connectors, USB, mini-USB, and waterproof USB connectors are available in Zn Alloy and plastic versions, as well as bayonet and screw-type mating.


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