Waterproof Circular Connector

Waterproof Circular Connector

Waterproof Circular Connector

Product ID: GT152200-02xx0 - C2 Size 5A Lock Panel Mount

The IP68 rated waterproof circular connector supplied by GT Contact (GTC) has weather tight and rugged receptacle and plug housing to protect connector from water or dust protection. GTC carries a wide selection of environmentally waterproof connectors including waterproof circular connector, sealed USB connector, and more to offer safe and durable connections in harsh conditions with IP rating from IP67 to IP69K for a wide range of applications.

The waterproof circular connector series designed with advanced level of water and chemical resistance is basically applied to wireless outdoor AP, outdoor LED display and lighting, outdoor lamp, industrial electronics, marine, automation machine and IPC/Military NB. The waterproof technology is guaranteed for the waterproof connector has been tested in a 1M depth water environment for 30 minutes.

Apart from the material to make waterproof circular connector, we also focus on the process of producing. With a strict monitoring system, we are confident in providing our customers the best product. In order to make the customers feel satisfying, we also provide customized as well as the blueprints discussion services. If you are interested in our products and the services, please feel free and contact with us for our products today!

  • Current Rating: 5.0A
  • AWG Gauge: 20 AWG ~ 24 AWG
  • Panel Temperature Range: -40°C / +105°C
  • IP Rating: IP 67

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Female Housing PA66
Female Contacts Copper Alloy, Au Plating
Panel  Hex Nut PA66
Panel Gasket Silicone
Glue Epoxy
Technical Data for Waterproof Circular Connector
Characteristics Description
Insulation Resistance      DC500V±10%, test for 1 minute and the insulation resistance should be more than100MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage   1500 V AC contact-to-contact, for 1 minute.
Contact Resistance 10mΩ at 10mA Max.
Durability 4000 cycles insertion/extraction cycles at a maximum rate of 200cycles per hour.
Thermal Shock              5 cycles at -40°C / +105°C, after the test, the function and appearance can't be impacted.
Waterproof Test Under 1 M water for 30 minutes.