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D-SUB Connector-Standard 9P Panel Mount

D-SUB Connector-Standard 9P Panel Mount

D-SUB Connector-Standard 9P 5A Panel Mount

商品番号: GT141210-02090

GT Contact (GTC) is a reliable manufacturer who supplies various connectors with excellent quality. Moreover, our rugged waterproof technology brings out the advantages among other competitors. So the waterproof connector is surely the state-of-the-art product from our company. 

The Waterproof Sensor Connectors apply to signal and small-current power usage of wireless outdoor AP, outdoor LED display and lighting, outdoor lamp, and automation machine. With strict quality monitoring, we are ready to present you our best products. Except for the fine quality materials, we also have tested our metal products in a 1M depth water environment for 24 hour to make sure its durability to water. Please do not hesitate and contact with us for our product today!

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  • AWG Gauge: 20 AWG ~ 24 AWG
  • Temperature Range: -40°C / +105°C
  • IP Rating: Panel: IP68
  • Screw L=6.0

D-SUB Male/Female Housing PBT
D-SUB Male Shell Cold Roller Steel, Ni Plating
D-SUB Male Contacts Copper Alloy, Au Plating
Panel Housing PA66
Panel O-Ring Silicone
Panel Screw #4-40 UNC Copper Alloy, Ni Plating
Glue Epoxy
Technical Data
Insulation Resistance      DC500V±10%, test for 1 minute and the insulation resistance should be more than100MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage   1000 V AC contact-to-contact, for 1 minute.
Contact Resistance      30mΩ at 10mA Max.
Durability 500 cycles insertion/extraction cycles at a maximum rate of 200cycles per hour.
Thermal Shock              5 cycles at -40°C / +105°C, after the test, the function and appearance can't be impacted.
Waterproof Test Submersion in water 1 meter for 24 hours.